Send your Business Plan

To begin our relationship we need to understand three basic questions before moving forward:

1. Market Potential - how big is it?

2. What is the level of competence and knowledge of your team?

3. What is the competitive advantage for your service/product? 


A detailed Business Plan can also be sent to and should contain:

  • Company Purpose - Define the company / business in a single sentence.
  • Problem - Describe what is missing to your customer or market, and explain how your business seeks to resolve this problem.
  • Solution - Demonstrate how your product/service will create value in order to make life more pleasant to your customer. The product already exists? Where? Provide examples of uses. Also describe the evolution and recent trends that have made your product/service a possible solution.
  • Market Size - Identify and describe the profile of the customer you want to meet. Estimate the market size using both methodologies: top-down and bottom-up.
  • Competitors - List competitors and their competitive advantages.
  • Products - Describe the product and patent development.
  • Business Model - Include revenues, product pricing, sales volumes and distribution system, salesplan per customer and provide a detail of the cost structure (COGS, commercial and administrative costs), as well as other relevant informations (eg. tax benefits).
  • Team - founders, managers and Board of Directors (if any).
  • Financial Statements - Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow.
  • Describe the proposed transaction