VPB.VC - Venture Capital Early Stage

The Fund aims to raise a total of up to $ 200M, to be multisectorial and multi-stage (early & growth), investing in three sectors:

1.  "Green Economy": renewable energy, energy efficiency, technologies related to agriculture, other technologies such as waste processing and technologies related to water and air.

2. Information and Communication Technology: technologies for smart phones and other telecommunications technologies, internet, new media, corporate systems and systems for the financial sector.

3. Healthcare: technologies such as medical equipment, diagnostics, health insurance, and specialty products.


Investment policy:

  • Investing in companies incorporated in Brazil.
  • The objective of the Fund is to provide capital growth through one or more rounds of financing, and the rounds will start with R$ 500K going up to 15% of the fund for any invested company. Those subsequent rounds of investment are conditioned to the company's evolution and financial performance. The Fund may invest in start-ups.
  • The companies in the portfolio will operate within the criteria for the governance of the Brazilian "Novo Mercado". The fund will contribute to the portfolio companies through their respective Boards.